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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Teenage Dream

Obviously I've been having trouble remembering a lot of dreams clearly lately, but last night, I got lucky.

I'm not sure if it was discussing my celebrity list over dinner or having a Glee marathon with my sister (culminating in "Never Been Kissed" just before bed), but despite being a short dream, last night's was definitely a good one. My sister and husband and I were on vacation in New York staying in a nice hotel. No idea why we were there or what was up, but they said they had a surprise for me... and in walks Darren Criss. The picture left is the one that set off my mental image for the dream: glasses, scarf (gray scarf with a green jacket in my dream, if it matters to you), winter coat. And for some reason I had absolutely no qualms about walking straight up and hugging him.

I'd love to say there was fascinating, interesting stuff that happened after, but Pike woke up, and mommy action trumped sleeping. Still, it was sweet and cute and nice. I'll take it!


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