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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Creepy Ickiness

And I don't even remember enough of the story to share it! I know that there was a "hiding from the evil" vibe to my nightmare last night, but I don't remember what said evil was. I do remember being chased by bugs that would get into people's bodies and kinda eat them from the inside at one point, but I think they were just minions of the bigger evil. I do know me and other survivors were hiding out in my grandma's house, but that's about as far as my recollection goes on this one.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dates, Weddings & Dark Plots


05/10/2009 11:27, originally uploaded by alun.vega.

Last night's dream was a bit overly convoluted. It began with me and several other girls being kidnapped by a strange woman. She was heavy set and had long, dark curly hair. We were pretty sure we were going to get killed, but instead she had these odd scenarios we were all supposed to play out. The first girl was dressed up and thrown into a wedding while the rest of us stood in as her bridesmaids. No one else at the ceremony seemed to know what was going on or that anything was amiss, the groom included.

Once that was over and she went off with her new husband, I came up next in line. The woman took me aside and told me I had a date to get to. She gave me a different pair of pants to change into and a jacket. I was nervous and still sort of scared and had absolutely no idea what was going on. My mystery date turned out to be Matt Smith. Well, not exactly, but the dude looked very much like him. Again, he seemed to think nothing of the fact that I'd been abducted to go on the date and for some reason I didn't mention it.

We chatted, had a really normal date. He was born in England but had moved to the States as a kid and blah blah blah... all super normal. When I got home, I was informed by the woman that we would be going out again. What followed was a courtship that was actually pretty pleasant despite the fact that the woman was orchestrating the whole thing. I kept overhearing her talk to her butler/henchman/whatever about how things were "supposed to be" for all of the girls she had taken. Ultimately I got engaged to the guy, but the woman was very adamant that we do things "properly" so there was no hanky panky before marriage. Talk about your buzzkills...

Anyway, he got mugged or something at some point, so I invited him to stay at the house with me so he wasn't alone. I had to get permission from the woman and promise that nothing untoward would happen. A few days before the wedding, I overheard the woman talking to her henchman again about my guy apparently being supposed to die. From what she said, I got the impression that she'd seen it all unfold, and instead of trying to prevent it, she was trying to force it all to happen the way it had before.

Naturally I wasn't really thrilled with that idea and was trying to prevent it. I don't remember how it all went down, but one of the other girls who was trying to go against it all and I got picked up by two thugs working for the woman. They explained to us that things had to be the way they were, and they tortured the first girl while I was there as a form of motivation for me to promise to play nice, I guess.

Unfortunately I woke up before the thrilling conclusion, so even I don't know what the deep dark plot was or what happened to my pretty fake fiance. Bummer.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Visits and Fashion and Family


At the start of my dream last night, my mom was taking Wes and I to stay at a friend's vacation home. Oddly her friend was an old art teacher of mine, but in the context of the dream, she apparently knew him better than I did. When we got to the house, we realized it looked like someone as already staying there. We were confused since he'd said we'd have the place to ourselves, but we figured maybe his son crashed there for a night or two and just didn't clean the place up again. It was posh with everything from a swimming pool to a gorgeously manicured lawn.

In time we realized that the other people staying there were our family. My uncle's ex wife, my cousin (who I was genuinely happy to see), and my uncle who we've been having all the real life issues with. Grandma was there as well. At one point she and I were going through some drawers to clean out one of the rooms so we could stay in it and we found an old gold skirt that had been hers. She said I could have it, and the strangest part was that it fit (she's a half foot or more shorter than me).

I was actively working to avoid my uncle so that there would be no drama during the visit. We just wanted to have fun. I was doing one of my rounds through a hallway to get away from him when my papau walked through on his way to get breakfast. He just said, "Morning, sweetheart," and moved on through. He was wearing his usual robe, his hair was all ruffled from being asleep, and I seemed to be the only one who thought it was strange that he was there.

All in all, a strange night of good and bad.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Psycho Killer


Barbie Murders 07, originally uploaded by wildemoon.

Last night's dream was one of those that I'm frustrated to have forgotten. You see, I remember enough to know that it was an awesomely-plotted serial killer chase kinda thing. Somebody was coming to kill me, and it was very exciting - or would have been if I wasn't involved personally.

The problem? By the time I was awake enough to get to a computer, the memory was too fuzzy to make for a good story. Sorry, guys! I'm disappointed too.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cheerleaders & Old Stemware


My dream began innocently enough. I was in high school... or something. For some reason most of the people around seemed to be cheerleaders. They were incessantly talking about a competition coming up. Cordelia Chase herself was even there practicing a ridiculously difficult routine involving a machine that looked like it belonged in a circus and would spin the person in it around and then let them go so they could land dramatically. When it went badly (duh!), she was trying to convince the coach that Buffy had sabotaged her.

One girl was pissed because her coach wanted her to cut down her 60 minute routine to only thirty. The other cheerleaders, naturally, were full of sympathy. My main problem personally was that I couldn't find about half my clothes. I wanted to wear a particular yellow shirt because I had decided that my clothing theme for the week (NO, I don't have those) was going to involve dressing to match a cool poster I had (that I don't have in real life, sadly).

At some point I ended up going with mom and Kathy to visit my grandma. Kathy drove us, and neither mom or I was nervous about that fact. Amazeballs! In any case, we got there and grandma said she had something important to tell us. That made us all sort of nervous, but we settled in and mom told her to let us know. It turned out she had just decided to move some old glasses from her wedding to papau into a different room. We were all a little WTF about why she was so dramatic about it, but also relieved that it was nothing bad.

Then we piled back into the car and Kathy started driving. I realized that instead of being where grandma actually lives, we were in Hamilton, TX. I kept asking why we were there, and Kathy looked at me like I was nuts for not realizing it was where grandma lives.

And then? You guessed it! Alarm.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Zombie Apocalypse


Zombie School Girl, originally uploaded by scottnj.

The dead are walking! They were last night in my dream, in any case. It was oddly disjointed since while the people involved remained relatively constant but we kept changing locations without my having any memory of moving. One minute we would be squatting in an old church and the next we'd be in a Victorian mansion trying to figure out if we could shore up the walls properly.

It was in one of the mansions that we found a room full of folks praying and chanting and hoping that god would spare them the zombie curse because they were so pious. We avoided them as best we could and tried to find another area of the mansion to crash in until it was light again and we could move along.

There was a main base where we kept pictures of all the people in our group who had been killed. Not everyone was grateful to be part of the group, and after one particularly vile dude tried to run a few of the girls off the road on a supply run, we intended to throw him out. He showed up at base with some of his friends. They all had guns, but eventually after we told them to fuck off and make their own base, they did it.

I wish I could remember all the little vignettes of action that took place, but that's all I got. Hopefully this dream will continue eventually because it was kinda fun.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Malls and Genetic Alterations


Psychic & Crystal, originally uploaded by FotoEdge.

My dream last night took a lot of strange turns, and I wish I could remember it more clearly. I think I could get at least a couple NaNoWriMo books out of it if I could.

It began in a mall. I was talking to someone about the fancy spas nearby and checking out the prices through their window. An older man overheard and chimed into the conversation. It turned out that he was an older actor from General Hospital who I recognized. It's been too long since I watched the show for me to place him at once. To be respectful, I didn't point out that I recognized him (I knew precisely who he was in the dream) and instead just kept chatting.

At some point, a young woman with curly blond hair and an attractive guy joined in. We were all talking, but then it was time for her to do her "set". All along the mall, there were niches in the walls where various performers would set up and put no acts. She did a mystic act that was pretty crazy involving dancing (to oddly inappropriate pop songs like "1,000 Miles" by Vanessa Carlisle).

I wanted to see the guy again, so I kept wandering the acts and trying to spot him. I found the older gentleman again but couldn't find the young guy. At some point as I was walking along, the dream apparently changed entirely. I was now a doctor who specialized in genetic alterations. A little girl at the mall was somehow badly hurt by one of the summoned security people. The security was called up when they were needed, and as soon as they weren't needed anymore, they began to decompose until they turned into dust. Then they'd be resummoned whole and ready for the next mission. The evil guard dude in question was played by Julian McMahon thanks to our seeing RED (so good!) in the theater the other day, apparently.

The girl would have died without help, so myself and the cute guy (who was suddenly another doctor working with me) put her into what basically looked like a plate glass window with space between. We slipped her in and then some gel liquid was added. This liquid attached to her and began "filling in" the injured spots and trying to heal her body by binding with it. The issue, of course, is that a certain amount of mutation always happens with these things (apparently). By the time her mother was there, we were trying to minimize the mutation, but it was impossible to stop entirely. When we told the mother that her daughter would likely end up a cyclops, she started crying and saying that we should have just let her die.

That pissed us right off since being a little unusual's better than being dead, and we'd grown pretty attached to the kid while we were treating her. She was probably about seven or eight.

Unfortunately before I was able to find out her fate, the alarm cut into the action and stopped the story.


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