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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dangerous Liasons with Snakes


I was staying at grandma's house and finding myself frustrated that there were no toothbrushes around to use. I'm not sure why I expected there to be one since grandma hasn't kept one there for me in the better part of a decade.

I looked out the window and saw that the yard was flooded. It wasn't swampy like the last time (within the dream, I still recalled my previous dream), just wet. I could see a few small fish (a goldfish kept watching me as I moved around the window) and some water bugs. After some more searching in the house, I went outside.

There was plenty of room to walk around the flooding, so I went over and sat on one of the walls in the yard. Frogs were jumping around in some of the puddles, so I watched them. When I bent down, I realized there was a hole in the wall so that you could see under where you were sitting.

I saw the back end of a snake and froze. Rattlesnake. When I turned, I saw that I was right beside the front end. Sophie (one of our dogs) wasn't far away, and I didn't want to act too strangely because I was worried that she might come over to check out what was going on. Instead I started backing off slowly. Well, the snake didn't like that a bit and coiled up to strike.

Somehow I managed to grab it, but once I had it, I was too scared to cut its head off. I stabbed it a few times in the neck with my pocket knife, but it was still alive. It followed us, so I caught it again and held it so it couldn't bite. When I got inside, I was freaking out and explained to mom what happened. She chided me for not killing it and then chopped its head off herself.

We were then preparing to take a trip with grandma, and I was disappointed because I'd forgotten to bring any music at all for the drive. Before we got much further than that, the alarm woke me up.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Normalcy of Strangeness


Baby Vivian's Hand, originally uploaded by My Little Chickadee.
Last night I dreamt that Wes and I had just brought a gorgeous little baby girl home from the hospital. I kept being surprised to find that we had the things we needed (it was as if I was going from thinking about having a kid to being home with one). As the dream progressed, my memories of the hospital and stuff slowly began to fill in.

The really interesting part was that it was all very natural. It wasn't odd having her there or caring for her. We fit it all in with the things we usually did, we brought her along with us. She slept like an angel, and I was continually surprised by that. I reminded myself over and over during the dream to enjoy it because I didn't expect it to last.

It was interesting to have a dream about a situation so relatively foreign to me that was so restful.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Zoos and Murder


creepiest men's room EVER, originally uploaded by wizmo.
Once again, my dream started out rather pleasant last night. I was at a really cool indoor zoo with my best bud Ashley. I noticed that some people had taken to getting annual memberships and jogging through the building as exercise. I thought that was ingenious since the zoo was right downtown and close to so many businesses. What better way to exercise than in an air conditioned environment while looking at cool animals?

Sometime later I went down the escalator (which was going far too fast for some reason) to leave. Outside I spotted a guy with a gun. I bravely... well, okay, I grabbed the closest guy to me and begged him to help me before more or less throwing him at the dude with the gun. What? Self preservation, baby. Anyway, while the guy with the gun beat the crap out of said guy (no idea why he didn't shoot him), I ran for it. The landscape outside was strange, but I finally found a spot at the end of a house behind some bushes that seemed secure. Unfortunately crazy dude with a gun caught up with me. I think he was going to shoot me or something, but I woke up. Yay alarm clock?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Be Fruitful & Make Baby Rats

My dream last night actually started out well. In the waking world, one of our rats is dying. She's having a lot of trouble and we're doing what we can to make her comfortable. In my dream, however, we discovered that she'd only been ill because she was pregnant. She had a large litter of beautiful little baby rats (that oddly ranged in age from tiny to obviously a few days old) and was doing well. We were playing with the babies and so excited about how excellent she was doing!

Then I went over to Spike's cage (Spike being our gargoyle gecko) and found that he was dead. Worse than that, for some reason he was split open. It was absolutely horrific, and I immediately called Wes to take care of him. Thankfully at that point my memory of the dream blurs.

Needless to say, for the third day in a row I don't feel particularly rested.


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