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Friday, February 25, 2011

Ostrich Attacks


Ostrich, originally uploaded by greenpinkorange.

I wish I could remember my dream from last night more clearly because it was absolutely nuts. The dream opened with my mom, hubby and myself along with a lot of the rest of my family (even some I am actively no longer in contact with) being at grandma and papau's house. Grandma had asked me to go through some old boxes and repack them, so I was working on that.

At some point, something weird started happening out in the yard (which had also become bigger than it really is). There were all sorts of scary animals out there. There were also suddenly other people I didn't really know in the house who I suppose we knew in the context of the dream. At one point, a few people decided to go out to papau's shed to get something and the girl that was with them got her head eaten off by an ostrich in full horror movie style. No, really. It was surprisingly grizzly and not funny like you'd think it might be. Ostriches are mean fuckers.

So we decided we all needed to get out and drive away. I stopped sorting and we packed up our bags. Somehow we weren't scared about going to the cars in the driveway despite the fact that there were even prehistoric looking cats and stuff stalking the yard by this point. We ended up joining most of the people in a large bus driven by a guy that, again, I don't really know. We were driving toward the edge of town (that wasn't really the edge of the town they live in) and trying to find a place to eat.

I sort of lose the thread of what was going on at that point, but... wow, it was a little crazy. And, once again, I don't think anyone but me and mom actually *spoke* to papau in the dream. I'm still not clear whether he was actually there or... what.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dreaming of NOLA


New Orleans, originally uploaded by LeaSc.

In my dream last night, my husband and I set off in the car for New Orleans along with our friends Becky, Nathan, Katie and Clay. Somehow we all fit comfortably into what looked like a regular sized car. Dream physics ROCK.

In any case, we arrived at the city and were hitting up strange corridors of the French Quarter that don't really exist. I was just sad that this was only one of a series of dreams last night, so it didn't last nearly as long as I would've liked. I'm exhausted today, but I appreciated the vacation last night!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Picking Up Pennies


All I can remember about my dream last night is that I kept picking up coins everywhere. I'm taking that as a good sign that I will be coming randomly into tons of money soon. What? A girl can dream!


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