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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Narrow Escapes


Creepy old house, originally uploaded by CaptnMom.

My dream last night was exhaustingly elaborate. It started with my mom and sister and I going to this old house for a tour. It was supposed to be haunted and was a cool place. There was sort of a complex of old houses together and even a small theater that they held little improv shows in.

Somehow I had been there before and knew that there was something wrong with the "package" deal they offered to stay overnight. Before I could warn mom, she signed us up. I was nervous but finally said okay since it would take a long time to get home and it would be easier not to have to drive.

The first part of the night was a sort of burlesque show thing in the theater that reminded me a lot of the environment at Rocky. It was a lot of fun and put me at ease. When we went back to the house to get ready for the dinner they offered, I started getting really edgy. Part of the "story" or whatever of being an overnight guest was that the people who worked there would sneak into people's rooms and steal things using a series of secret passages and panels and stuff. I finally got way too freaked and told mom we had to leave. She said that was fine but that she'd promised to help the older lady that owned the place with something first.

I reluctantly agreed to wait a little longer. I stayed in our room and got all our things together because I didn't want something to get taken and us have to stay longer just to get it back. After awhile, mom still hadn't come back, so I took our backpacks and went downstairs calling for her. The employees - who had already started the formal dinner for the guests - told me she was still talking to the lady. I asked where my sister was and they said she was outside. Everyone was acting very polite, but it was a creepy, strained politeness.

Eventually (I can't recall how), I found Kathy and we realized by then (the people weren't pretending to be nice anymore and they were trying to chase us) we had to get out whether we could find mom or not. They'd managed to box our car in when we tried to drive off, so we ended up running on foot down this crazy, scary, complex network of roads looping over and under each other. We finally found a spot to get off the road and cut through into a swampy area.

On the way through, we found another guy who was running from the people at the house. Together we all managed to evade them and eventually get back to down. It was supposed to be the town where my mom and sister live, but it was different. The guy went his own way and we went to our grandma's house. While there we saw strange pictures (they weren't home yet) and realized that she and my uncles were somehow in league with the people at the house. We high-tailed it out of there and back to mom's house, which was very different from her real one.

We were completely freaked out and had no idea what to do. We were both terrified of where mom might be and how to get her out and somehow I was worried that Wes would go there or had already gone there. Unfortunately I woke up before the mysteries could be solved. Maybe tonight it will be Kathy and I to the rescue.


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