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Sunday, May 29, 1994

House Sitting

Last night I dreamt that me, mom and Kathy went to spend the night at Riley's house while he and his family were away. I got to stay in Riley's room. His bed was on the same wall as the door and had baseball sheets on it. At the foot of his bed was a round stained wood table, and on it was sitting a Barney, Aladdin type Colorform. His closet was on the next wall going counterclockwise. The doors to the closet were shut. There was some stuff laying on his bed. He had a shelf full of books and stuff. On his bedside table there was a lamp with a creamy, orange, yellowish shade and a varnished wood base. The walls were white. Mom stayed in his parents room with Kathy. I didn't see any room but Riley's.

Monday, May 23, 1994

Movie Making

Last night I had a dream where B.J. was in a movie. It was called "B.J. Bee Gee." We were in P.E.! Becky wasn't there. I kept thinking, "Wait till I tell Becky!" I can't remember anymore than that.


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