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Friday, May 28, 2010

Ice Cream Social & Abandoned Carnivals

I wish I could remember my dream from two nights ago more clearly. I know that at one point Wes and I were attending some sort of community ice cream party. People from all over town (whatever town it was we were in) had made all sorts of unusual, funky flavors of ice cream. You could get full servings of the flavors or just get little tasting cups of a bunch of them. We saw a bunch of people I knew from high school there for whatever reason.

Then we were sneaking off to break into an abandoned carnival that was nearby. It was all boarded up and stuff, but there were ways to sneak in if you knew how. We were going in for something specific, but I have no idea what it was. Unfortunately I woke up before we got to really check the place out. Dang!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Drama & Mystery

Apparently reading Dead and Gone right before bed was poorly thought out on my part. I ended up having an interestingly cinematic nightmare featuring Wil Wheaton as the villain (sorry about that, man! I love you, I promise!).

While a van from a local mental institution (or something along those lines) was visiting a local store or whatnot, a girl was attacked. It was naturally assumed by the police that one of the patients had done it since apparently the orderly who drove them (that's right, Wil Wheaton's character in my dream) had been separated from the group at some point.

There then ensued naturally a lot of interrogating the girl (I want to say my brain cast Anne Hathaway in the role) and then the girl and the police (can't remember clearly who "played" them) working to find who did it. They ran all over the city, talked to tons of people. Finally somehow a recording surfaced from something that had been in the room during the attack. The orderly could clearly be heard on the tape, and then he was caught.

A lot of the details in my mind are fuzzy, and I want to say that the girl actually had a bad feeling about the orderly all along - subconscious memory or something. I just can't quite recall. In any case, it was one of those annoying dreams from which you wake up feeling as if you haven't really rested yet. I need a nap.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Early A-Kon

Last night I got to go to A-Kon early. The only problem is that somehow it was taking place this weekend, so I wasn't prepared. I didn't have any of my shirts ready, I forgot parts of my costume... The upside was that the hotel where it was taking place was even prettier. The rooms were fancy, and they all had really big closets.

Another pleasant surprise was that my mom and another friend (who I don't actually know in real life) had come along with us. Sadly we never got to the convention part since I woke up just after the unpacking. Still, kind of an interesting dream.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Missing Class

This post isn't about a specific dream but rather a recurrent theme in my nightmares. Actually, it even happens sometimes in regular dreams. I realize that I was signed up for classes that I'm not sure I've been attending. Sometimes I just can't remember when I'm signed up for what class. Sometimes I know what classes I'm supposed to be in, but I can't figure out whether I've been to them or not or how many classes I've missed if I know I've missed some. Sometimes things keep me from checking into it all, and sometimes I'm trying to figure it out at the school but don't know how/can't find my schedule/etc. Drives me nuts!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Seeing Inside

Last night's dreams were brought to me by terrible acid reflux. Good times!

It actually started out well. Wes and I found a house in Denton that was about the same size as ours currently and found a buyer for our current house. We were thrilled and moved in. The place was great, and the kitchen was like something out of a magazine - all super duper well appointed and fancy. I moved out into the living room and was about to tell Wes about how absolutely perfect a particular spot (with a high arch-y window and lots of ceiling clearance) was going to be for Christmas tress, and he got all pissy. I told him I was just trying to share my excitement and he answered something rude that I can't recall now. Effectively killed the buzz of THAT dream.

At that point, I think I must have partially woken up because my dream switched focus. I was watching a television commercial where everyone was shadowed by people who were showing how they really felt. For example, a couple was talking about how happy they were together, but behind them their "shadows" (who didn't actually look like them) were making faces and rolling their eyes.

Then I realized that I could see those things in the real world. I was in the house Wes and I had bought, but no one was there except myself and my papau. He was moving around more easily than I'd seen him do in a long time. There was a problem with the plumbing, and maggots and ants and other bugs were coming up through the pipes. We were annoyed but not freaking out. Apparently the city was somehow responsible. But since we couldn't drink water out of the pipes, papau had gone out and gotten me a shake before I got up so I'd have that to drink. I was getting ready and turned around to look at him and saw that I could see one of the "shadows" following him. It was smaller than him and greenish - basically a sort of cartoonish version of someone who was really sick.

That was about when the acid reflux woke me up yet again.


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