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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Adoption and Convertibles

Somehow a little girl got left with my family, and we were trying to take care of her. She was four months old but looked like she was about four. Very smart, very obedient, great kid. I can't recall if her parents died or what the situation was. There were a bunch of people visiting at my grandma and papau's house (where we were dealing with it all).

At some point they were taking her somewhere for some reason and papau said he wanted to show me something outside. He took me out to the front yard and showed me a white convertible. I asked him why it was there, and he said he bought it. I was shocked, and he explained that it had something to do with the fact that he couldn't get a decent trade in value on the cars he was going to trade in, so he'd just decided to go for it and get something he wanted. So he took me for a drive in the convertible down really cool country roads.

That's where my memory tapers off, though I think there was more before I actually woke up.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I dreamt that I was part of the choir on Glee. Oh yeah. We were going to a big competition somewhere, and we had to go in and get dressed. I got dressed, then realized I hadn't brought any make-up. One of the other girls loaned me some, but by the time I got out of the bathroom, they were setting up a wedding that was supposed to take place later in that section of the building.

I had to hightail it to where the choirs were getting in line to go in. I couldn't find the others. I saw Mr. Schuster at one point, but I couldn't catch him before he was gone. Finally I found Rachel, but unfortunately she was lost too. Eventually we realized that no one else around. We started talking and planning what we'd do if we were the only people singing. My memory gets a bit fuzzy after that, but I woke up before we performed or found anyone else.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cults are Bad, Mmmkay?

Last night I dreamt that Wes I were on some sort of vacation. It involved going to an island or something on a small boat with some other people. The other people seemed nice enough, but as the trip wore on, things got weirder and weirder. I can't remember what specifically was tipping me off, but the whole thing made me uneasy.

We arrived at some point and entered an absolutely massive old house. It was really more like an old school or English manor or something. Everything was nice and antique and fancy. I kept telling Wes that I really wanted to leave, but he didn't want to. Finally they were showing us to rooms or something, and Wes mentioned that he'd brought our dogs. I was furious since I was already thinking about running from the people I was pretty sure were crazy, and now I had to figure out how to get the dogs safe too.

Eventually I found some time while everyone was in a meeting (before which I begged Wes once again to come with me) to slip away. I went downstairs to the basement since it was the only part I hadn't seen and there were animals everywhere. They were in cages stacked up to the ceiling. Whether they were all pets of the various people in the place or not I didn't know. I ran through the room and let all the animals out, knowing that our dogs would follow me and the other critters would go attack the employees in the cult headquarters. I also set some kind of explosives or something like that and then hightailed it out of there. On the way out, I saw a groundskeeper who had helped me open some locked doors and told him to come with me. The dogs caught up with me then, so we made a break for it.

We all ran until we got to the next down, which was all decorated in a sort of steampunk vibe. We went into some antique store/bed and breakfast just to try and find a place to rest. I was starting to realize that he was actually a member of the cult keeping an eye on me, so I was trying to act normal around him and claimed that I'd gotten us a room so we could rest before moving on. I also saw someone I knew from high school (can't recall who now) who was in a steampunk-y wheelchair. I can't remember what she told me (something about the groundskeeper, I think) and then my alarm went off.

I made Wes promise when I got up that if I ever gave him warnings about crazy people being in a cult, he had to listen.

Monday, March 8, 2010

House does Bones

Last night my enthusiasm for the new episode of House tonight and the fact that I started watching an episode of Bones before bed combined.

I was watching some movie that was somehow cobbled together from other movies (no, don't ask - I don't understand either) to make a movie where House was investigating crimes. Somehow Wilson was tied into one of them. I think he'd been mugged by the guy they were trying to catch or something. But Hugh Laurie was very young in the movie and using his real accent instead of an American accent. Strange as it all was, I was still bummed when Wes interrupted in the dream. lol I would have loved to see how that one turned out.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Road Trippin'

Yet another involved dream last night. It started with me talking my friend Ashley to class. She'd gone back to school to get some sort of medical degree, and for some reason I was driving her. I even took her into the building and walked her in. It was strange, though, because we had to walk through two other large classrooms to get to hers. By the time I dropped her off, I was walking through classes in progress on the way out to get to the hall where I was going to wait. I wasn't embarrassed by doing this so much as annoyed that the school had planned their schedules and their layout that way. Who does that?

Then Ashley was taking me somewhere. We were driving at night, and we had to pull into a garage (where they fix cars, not where owners put cars) with a few lights on to read the map. We apparently figured it out because after we got back in the car the dream jumped again.

I was in a big SUV with my friends from high school. Cody was driving, and Paul and Joey and I were all sitting in the front seat with him. Somehow it was a big enough car that it wasn't uncomfortable despite that. We were all catching up and talking, and I was struck by how comfortable it all was. I was using Paul's head as a pillow, and we were all piled in there, and yet we were totally and completely at ease. Then suddenly my friend Nicky as in the back seat with her daughter, but her daughter was younger than she really is since she was about toddler aged and wearing diapers. We were on our way to the beach, so we were going to stop so that Nicky could get her daughter a swimsuit and I could find one too. Unfortunately I woke up before we got there. Bummer!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Worries and Fears

Last night I dreamt that Wes and I were staying somewhere with grandma and papau. I think mom and Kathy may have been there as well. It was a condo or something where there was a main living area with a living room and kitchen and the bedrooms all branched off of it. We were just getting unpacked when Wes starting talking strangely. Most of what he was saying made no sense at all. He didn't seem to be aware of it, and I started to get freaked out and told him I was calling the hospital. He protested, but I was too worried not to. For some reason I then tried to lie and say I was just calling his doctor to ask them about it. I kept trying to call 9-1-1 over and over, but I didn't have the right prefix. I tried it with a one and with a four before the number, but I kept getting wrong numbers and stuff.

Finally I dialed four-four before the number and it went through. By then I was crying and really upset and trying to tell them what was going on. They said they'd send someone, but I told them I didn't know how to explain to get to the house (which I suddenly knew was my Aunt Sylvia's). Before they could even reply, grandma and papau said they were driving us to the hospital. They did, but on the way there, I got upset because I realized they were sending the ambulance anyway, but we wouldn't be there when the ambulance arrived. Grandma assured me that was okay and that it was more important that we get there quickly.

We got to the hospital and they took Wes into a room but wouldn't let us come. I was crying and trying to explain that I was scared because his dad died young and his mom had a stroke when she was young too. The doctors said it was fine but they made us leave and go back to the house. Suddenly it wasn't a house but a hotel attached to a mall. I kept trying over and over to call the hospital but no one answered. Finally I apparently dialed Wes' number without realizing it and he answered. I was crying, and he told me it was fine but that they thought there might be fluid on his brain that was making him confused. The connection kept cutting out so I could only hear part of what he was saying. Finally I hung up, but I didn't want to go back to the hotel.

I eventually did go back because I didn't have anywhere else to go and the mall stores were all shutting down. When I got in, no one else seemed to be there, so I went to papau's room. For a few minutes I was sure that papau was the one in the hospital, the one I was scared for, and I kept hugging one of his shirts. Eventually I tried calling the hospital again but Wes hadn't ever hung up his phone, so all I could do was listen to what was going on to his room. I could hear him talking nonsensically to his roommate, and I could hear the TV in their room. When papau got  back, he asked me what I was doing (I was lying on the floor with his shirt with the phone up to my ear). I told him I was listening to the music on the TV in Wes's room.

That's about when I woke up. Very, very exhausting dream.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Feel the Burn

Last night I dreamt that I was staying at grandma and papau's house. While I was there, the house behind theirs (or possibly a barn? couldn't tell) which doesn't exist in real life caught on fire. No one wanted to call the fire fighters, and even I took pictures at first instead of calling. But I didn't take pictures of the house on fire, I took pictures of the flames reflected on grandma and papau's house (which also looked different than it does in real life). When I took a picture of the upper attic window, I could see Charlie, our dog who passed away several years ago, looking out through the window. Later those windows were blown open (I guess by the heat of the flames? no clue).

Eventually I saw a policeman who was parked in the yard for some reason and went over to the car. It took a little bit before he opened the window, but then I explained about the fire and asked him to call the fire department. I have no idea why he didn't see it on his own since he was in the side yard and the fire was in the back. I then got distracted by something inside the house (can't recall what) for awhile, and when I went out, the firefighters were already getting ready to leave.


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