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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Dangers of Fan Fiction aka Blaine is Captain Jack

Okay, so last night I learned why it's probably not a good idea to read Torchwood fan fiction AND Glee fan fiction right before bed. This is the first dream I've remembered clearly enough to post about in quite awhile.

It started off pretty incredibly depressing. Blaine had been in a car crash and died and Burt was bringing Kurt to the morgue to see him. His parents were already there, crying and depressed and... yeah. There was a long, depressing good-bye scene that kind of broke my little 'shipper heart and Kurt and his dad turned to leave.

And all of a sudden Blaine sucks in a breath and sits up on the slab. Somehow, just like Captain Jack Harkness, Blaine had become a fixed point in time, unable to die. So the Doctor (Elven, specifically because OBVIOUSLY) shows up to try and find out what's happened and tries to get Blaine to travel with him. Blaine naturally doesn't want to leave Kurt, but he also doesn't want to take Kurt along and have him not finish school and stuff and... then my baby woke up crying and I never did find out what was up with all that. If I had any theories, I'd write a fic of my own to work it all out.


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