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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No Swimming

Last night I had a dream that Wes and I were staying at someone's house. It was massive - more like an estate than just a house - and had a courtyard in the middle with a pool and hot tub. It was just us and a few other people when we first arrived, so we all hit the hot tub. After that, I was stripping down to my swimsuit (no, no idea why I was dressed again after the hot tub) so that I could swim in the pool since it's been literally years since I had the chance to go swimming. But Wes interrupted and said that he wanted us to go upstairs and see what our room was like instead. I was really disappointed and almost said no, but finally sort of agreed and went up with him.

There wasn't much doing up there, but it was almost like a small apartment since there was a little kitchen and such. We made something to eat, and by the time that was done, people were pouring into the house. Some of them I knew and recognized, a lot of them were strangers. And they were wandering everywhere, even into our room. I was frustrated by the lack of privacy and still pissed about not having gotten to go swimming. Eventually I wandered off and tried to find someone that I knew, and when I looked out the window, there was Wes, hanging out by the pool. I was furious and went down to confront him, and that was about when I woke up.

...yeah, not at all stressful.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Old Friends

Unfortunately I can't remember a lot of my dream last night, which is too bad because I recall it being fun. What I do remember is running into my friend Joey from high school who I haven't seen or heard from in almost ten years. I was attending a small gallery show at a school or hotel or something (I dunno... big building), and I ran into him almost literally. Got a hug, we chatted, and that's unfortunately about all I can remember.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Passion of the... Twitch?


Again, I wish I could remember more details. The only thing I recall is that I was part of a large tour group going through an exhibit at a museum or something depicting the life of Jesus. We went through all the standard stuff and then at the end, we were told we could see a real, respectful depiction of the crucifiction or a horror version of it. I naturally opted for the horror version, and there was an african american Jesus on the cross covered in blood and wearing a clown costume. At first I was weirded out, but then I realized that I recognized the guy playing Jesus (nope, not a dummy, it was a real person), though I couldn't place him. We all were shuffled out to have our lunch at the lunch tables, and the guy who played Jesus came too. I realized after watching him from down the table for awhile that it was Twitch from So You Think You Can Dance.

Now THAT was a weird one.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Living Horror Movie

Last night was a strange one. I was in a horror movie. Well, part of the time I was in it, part of the time it was like I was watching it. I can't remember the details, sadly, but someone had killed a bunch of people and hid the bodies in this old house. Myself and some other people were there for another reason but ended up finding the bodies. Then the killer showed up (after he spoke, I remember observing that he was played by Henry Rollins of all random things).

The "scene" changed and I was lying in bed seeing the killer out my window. He was on the next hill over from the house sort of yelling to the heavens about what he was going to do to the people there, and then he looked over and I knew he'd seen me. It was odd, though, because I was scared and at the same time reassuring myself that it was just a movie, so I'd be fine. I wish I could remember more specifics about the first part - very weird.


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