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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Harry and the Doctor


Harry Potter Promo Pic, originally uploaded by virus95.

Time travel has never been so odd.

My dream last night started at my friend Ashley's house. Except it was not like any house she or her parents had ever lived in. I know, I've seen them all. Seriously. But it was her house as far as dream me knew, and we settled down on the couch to watch the new episode of Doctor Who.

The episode happened to focus on the Doctor showing up to help the students at Hogwarts fight Voldemort. But the students had known the Doctor's previous incarnation (or one of them, anyway), so Eleven was having to prove to them that he was in fact the Doctor. And then prove that they really needed his help. Harry was oddly confrontational about the whole thing.

At some point Ashley or I spilled ice cream on the floor, so I was distracted from the episode by helping get that cleaned up. And then I was at my place getting an email from my friend Chad about how he'd had someone out to clean the carpets. Because apparently at that point in the dream I'd been at his house instead? I have no idea. I just know that a Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover is easily one of the strangest things I've ever dreamed.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Triple Threat


Bright Eyes., originally uploaded by { KC Photography }.
In my dream last night, Wes and I had just moved into a new place. It was in a small town still but a bit more populated than Ponder. We were next door to someone that grew a bunch of their own veggies and (we could see through their mostly glass back doors) had a freakin' sweet kitchen.

But the really noteworthy thing is that we had three kids: a little girl who was a toddler and two babies. Oddly the babies were a few months apart in age, so don't ask me how that worked out. In the dream I kept having trouble remembering their names, though Wes called the boy Perry at one point. Which I would never, ever name a kid. Ever.

Otherwise it was pretty standard domestic day to day stuff... still a bit on the odd side, though.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Molesting the Doctor

I credit my dear friend Chad with the lovely start to my dreams last night since he kept sending me delicious YouTube vidoes of Matt Smith <3 In any case, in the context of the dream, I was somehow involved with production on the new Doctor Who... but there were other people there who really shouldn't have been, such as one of the guys from Red Dwarf. That's just how dreamWho rolls, apparently.

In any case, we were doing a read through of the scripts all sitting on the floor. I was sitting with Matt and giving him a hug from behind while he read his script. Yep, I'm a dorky fan girl even in my dreams. But in my dreams? There are no restraining orders and people are happy with the interference. Oooo.

Then in real life, Otis decided to wake us up because apparently he was thirsty. When did he become a toddler? Anyway, I went back to sleep and things became less warm and fuzzy. Which sucks cuz I much rather would have kept snuggling Matt, damn the luck!

In the second dream, we were going to a university where Wes was taking classes. There was some kind of play or ceremony going on, and the really weird thing? My mom and dad were there and together, which is, as most of you know, bizarre on a LOT of levels. At one point I went upstairs in a building and there was a hotel room set up for people to wait in or something. I hung out there for awhile and then went downstairs. Wes and I ended up getting in a fight on the way out to the parking lot (we'd all driven out there together) because he wasn't listening and then was being rude. He got pissed and ended up ditching to talk to some chick he was in class with.

I was so ticked off that I just went upstairs to the weird little room again. My phone made a noise and it turned out I had a message. It was from Wes saying that he wasn't sure we were going to work out after all and he was going to take some time to be sure. He said he had gone home with the girl I'd seen him talking to, and that I should just go home with my parents alone. The alarm naturally chose to wake me before I could process any of that or fix anything, so a night of dreaming that ended awesomely fell entirely into suck.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Old Friends


Lara, originally uploaded by Chisan.
Last night I reconnected in person with my friend Karla for the first time in years - at least in my dream. She came with her son to stay with Wes and I, though we were in a different house than where we live now. There was an apartment in the house, and she and her toddler came to stay with us.

We were both surprised by how easy it was to talk again since we'd been separated so long. I wish I could remember the specifics, but I have to say it was really nice.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dreaming of Lacroix


Nigel Bennett at Ad Astra, originally uploaded by folkstone42.
My dream started out with myself and several other people who I can't remember clearly stalking Lucien Lacroix from Forever Knight (played by the lovely Nigel Bennett, who is shown above) through an airport. No, I don't know why. Somehow he was aware we were following him. I think we were *supposed* to be following him, I just have no clue why. In any case, we stopped at baggage claim a few times, walked by the same McDonalds at least three times.

At some point I think I woke up and settled back down to sleep, and the dream shifted tones. I went with a group of other people to get on a lift that would take us to a ride. The ride went high up over a bunch of water. I frankly didn't want to go but had to for some reason. When we got to the top, one of the people stepped out as if to get on the platform for the ride... and promptly plunged to their death. I didn't look, but some of the others were looking, and they broke out into laughter. I think it was partly nervous laughter. We asked the guides if we could all just get back in the lift and go back down, and they said yes.

It's no wonder I still felt tired when I woke up!

Friday, September 10, 2010


I'm a bit tired this morning because my dreams were active last night. I vague impressions of family stress surrounding my uncles moving in with my grandparents, but the part of the dream that really stood out was that papau was there. He was alive and fine. Mom and Kathy and I had come over to stay the night, and we were figuring out which room we could stay in. The living room of the house was the same, but then you went down a hallway and suddenly it was like a hall in a mansion. There were tons of rooms, but we knew only a couple of them were set up to sleep in. Even in a stressful, weird dream, it was worth it to spend a little time with papau.


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