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Monday, June 6, 1994

First Day of School

Last night I dreamt that it was the first day of seventh grade. All of our clocks said different times. When I got to school I realized that I had forgotten my stuff. Mom brought it, but when she got to school I suddenly had my stuff and she just had an english muffin for my lunch. I was sitting with Karla, Jennifer, and Becky.

Thursday, June 2, 1994

Last Day

I dreamt last night that it was the last day of school again. I asked Joel when he was going to move, and I couldn't understand what he said. Then I was watching the news and I saw Wylong Joy playing basketball with some other boys. He looked so sober and serious. Then I realized that he was at that boys' ranch. Poor Wylon. Next I was like in a Spanish opera, but I woke up before it was to the second act.

Sunday, May 29, 1994

House Sitting

Last night I dreamt that me, mom and Kathy went to spend the night at Riley's house while he and his family were away. I got to stay in Riley's room. His bed was on the same wall as the door and had baseball sheets on it. At the foot of his bed was a round stained wood table, and on it was sitting a Barney, Aladdin type Colorform. His closet was on the next wall going counterclockwise. The doors to the closet were shut. There was some stuff laying on his bed. He had a shelf full of books and stuff. On his bedside table there was a lamp with a creamy, orange, yellowish shade and a varnished wood base. The walls were white. Mom stayed in his parents room with Kathy. I didn't see any room but Riley's.

Monday, May 23, 1994

Movie Making

Last night I had a dream where B.J. was in a movie. It was called "B.J. Bee Gee." We were in P.E.! Becky wasn't there. I kept thinking, "Wait till I tell Becky!" I can't remember anymore than that.

Monday, April 11, 1994

Odd Settings

Last night I had a dream where I was out at Ashley's house, and I got up and went downstairs. I kept seeing things that I would have seen in Ohio. I decided to walk by Riley's room. He was sitting on his bed talking to Dean. Later on I was at school and I saw Riley. He had on a blue, black and white flannel shirt. He seemed older and taller.

Tuesday, March 29, 1994


Last night I dreamt that I was in a gym coaching a hockey team. Me and Karla were talking and suddenly I saw Jon Kerr sitting across the gym from us. That's all I remember.

Wednesday, March 9, 1994


Last night I had a dream where me and mom went to someone's house, but they weren't there. In one room there were tupperware drawers full of books and magazines. One mag had a column called "Ask Ariana (Richards)." I took two My Girl posters.

Monday, March 7, 1994

Middle School Crushes

Last night I dreamt that Riley was absent. During P.E. he just walked in and sat down right below me. He turned around and smiled at me and I said hi and so did he. He looked so tired and pale I blurted out are you okay. He said yeah, I just overslept.

Sunday, March 6, 1994


Last night I dreamt that I went to a school gym and Randi's team was playing basketball. Before long Riley's team was playing and grandma was with me. The lights were very dim. When they finished playing I went somewhere then came back. Suzi was there and I went to go sit by her but the seats and become shelves. It was the same on the other side. I felt panicked and woke up.

Sunday, February 13, 1994

Tests and Romance

I had a dream last night that I was in Language Arts buying books, and then suddenly I was in Reading taking a test. When it was time to go, I realized that I was still on question one. Then Riley and I were the only ones in the L.A. classroom. He said something to me that I couldn't understand, and then he leaned forward and kissed me. We kissed for a few seconds and then I woke up.

Tuesday, January 4, 1994

Visiting Family

I had a dream last night where me and mom and grandma went to see Jeff. Terry, Mark and Kathy weren't there. On like the last night we were going to stay there I realized I hadn't packed enough clothes. I borrowed some from Jeff and they turned into different clothes. Just before we left I was standing in the bathroom in a Christmas outfit when two strangers, an old man and woman, came in and asked me to leave. Then I woke up.

Sunday, January 2, 1994

Dreaming of Ohio

I had a dream last night that me and mom were driving along and suddenly I started to recognize houses and stuff. We went to the Big Bear first. Then when we went back to the car grandma and papau were there! Then I woke up.

P.S. We were in Ohio.


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