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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm a Doll

Last night, I was a Doll. Yes, like on Dollhouse (damn Fox for cancelling that show just when it was getting really good!).

Except I wasnt. I didn't look like me, and I was both involved in the action and watching it all at the same time. I can't remember the full set up, but myself and a few other people (one of them the dean of students where I work) were infiltrating a town that was some kind of cult. There was a special event going on that we were trying to get information about or something along those lines. We snuck into town pretending to be one of the faithful, making chit-chat, etc.

Eventually we ran into a guy who pretended to know us. Now from my perspective watching the action, I knew it was Vincent Ventresca's character from Dollhouse, and I knew he didn't have anything more to do with the cult than we did because he was just trying to get revenge on the Dollhouse. But in the dream, I kind of went along with it, flirted, pretended that I knew him too.

He got us inside the hotel we'd been trying to infiltrate, sat us down at a table with some "friends" of his, and then, naturally, betrayed us and revealed that we weren't who we were pretending to be. Unfortunately I'm not sure what the thrilling climax was since I woke up.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'll Be Out Back Painting Gnocci

Yes, that's actually a quote from my dream last night, something Wes said to me. No, I really don't know why because it was right before I woke up.

The main part of the dream was only slightly more coherent. At first I was at a party where a lot of old high school friends were. I was mostly hanging out with Kristin and Riley, and it was good times. We were reminiscing, laughing. We decided to go to an after party at someone else's house, and I piled in with Riley to make the drive. It was late and rainy, but it was an easy drive, and we were joking and having fun the whole way.

We got to the house, and there was a host or something who told us about cleaning the place out. We were all kind of confused until a huge wave crashed down over us (the tent-like house was beside the ocean). At first I couldn't get up from under the water because the breath had been knocked out of me, but finally I surfaced. We were all shocked but not bothered for some reason.

The next thing I really remember is being at an apartment I was sharing with a girl I'd apparently gone to college with. A war had broken out, but it wasn't a modern war. It was like frontier war. I went outside and everyone was getting their rifles and getting into wagons and stuff. I even had a rifle, but I knew I wasn't a good shot, and somehow I knew that I wasn't supposed to go. So I ended up watching as most of the people I knew loaded up into the wagons and left. I went back into the apartment (doubly strange since it was normal and modern, not period at all) and started cleaning to distract myself. I found Ashley (my best friend)'s blanket and refused to put it in the wash since it smelled like her. It was her and Wes and Riley that I was really worried about since I knew that all of them were off fighting, and I didn't know when they'd be back.

Then I half woke up and the dream shifted, and I don't remember anything much after that.


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