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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Twisted Plots


Deadeye, originally uploaded by KID DEUCE.

It seems that my dreams have all become random horror movies with celebrity casting. Last night was one of those strange dreams where I feel like I'm watching and acting out one of the roles at the same time. This time around, my "character" was visually portrayed by Kate McGrath from Merlin. Not too shabby, right?

A lot of the plot detail was lost on me, but I (I'll refer to the main char as me since I was her most of the time... if that makes any sense whatsoever) was staying in this weird little town somewhere with my family. I can't remember if we'd won the vacation or what, but slowly we began to realize that the whole place was messed up. Odd things would happen and either no one would listen or they'd ignore it. Everything in town seemed to revolve around us - normal conversation totally changing if we entered a room, people behaving strangely.

There was one guy (played by Russel Crowe) who kept acting like he was going to tell us what was going on and never doing it. At some point, I gave up after a particular weird interlude involving a guy who dressed himself up in, like, a suit of stuffed animals and chased people around a cave including my sister. I went to the bar and met a guy who actually seemed nice (played by Stephen "Twitch" Boss). He was a forest ranger from a national park nearby, but before I could tell him everything that had been going on, he had to leave.

We eventually found out that the whole town was run by this weird guy who pretended to be a rock star but was in reality a monster or alien or something. Somehow we got out, and we were all hurrying to get to my wedding (oddly never did see my fiance). While we were getting the venue (some sort of community event building) ready, the forest ranger showed up and said he had something to show me. I asked why he was there, but we were already into the other room, and he pointed to the TV screen. It was a video of one of the people from the town with my sister.

I never did figure out what was going down or how it turned out. I'm hoping that the Russel Crowe dude decided he was on our side and saved my sister while I rode off into the sunset with the cute ranger, personally ;)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Winding Roads and Glam


Adam Lambert, originally uploaded by Norman Petrache.

My dream last night was a bizarre mix of the shows I'd been watching, the music I'd been listening to, and the stories I'd been reading.

It opened much like watching a movie. I can't remember the exact back story, but the main dude somehow wronged these other guys when he was a kid. There were four other kids - one the leader and three others that were hurt or whatever by what he did. Again, can't remember what in the world it was.

Then we cut to him grown up. Somehow the leader of the wronged group is out of the sanitarium or whatnot, and he's after the guy. The guy knows it and runs. Now I'm a part of the action and Otis (one of our dogs) and I are at his friend's house trying to help him plan a way to get out of it. We realize that the guy will be sending his lackeys in a particular order based on when/how they were hurt when they were kids. We all decide to go our separate ways and try to find help or something.

I take Otis and end up going to a small town grocery store to get some supplies. The place is super grungey and they're cleaning out a freezer stocked with meat that had gone bad because the freezer failed. Somehow I realize I'd been drinking beer (which I don't even drink) while driving and ditch it in their garbage can so no one knows.

We head back out on the road and then I get fuzzy on the order of events. The guy's girlfriend disappears, so we all go back to meet at the friend's house. When I get there, the place is pretty much empty like he packed up and lit out even though he was supposed to be there waiting for us. I get a little edgy and go back to the car.

At some point not long after (things get a bit muddled at this point), Adam Lambert shows up. Yeah, I know. I don't know why. But I'm not complaining. We find the girlfriend at some point, and she ends up getting a total crush on Adam. Apparently she's the only person in the world who doesn't realize he's gay and sort of throws herself at him. He's totally nice about it but, naturally, kinda blows her off as much as possible. We're all still trying to fix everything and save the dude and... then the alarm went off. I'm kinda bummed I didn't get to see what happened because I fell SURE that Adam would have used some sort of glam awesomeness to save us all.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Best of Times and the...


Ewan McGregor, originally uploaded by Uncinefilo.

I've been having a lot of nightmares lately dealing with family drama. It's nothing all that deep. I know precisely what it means, it's not that interesting, so I've been sparing everyone.

Before the nightmares set in last night, though, I was treated to something I haven't had in awhile - a cameo from my dream husband. I don't mean dream husband in the sense of him being my ideal, exactly, just that Ewan's my go to sexy dude in dreams. I mean, look at him. Not hard to figure out why ;)

I wish I could remember the plot (something complex involving sci fi stuff and clones and whatnot), but the good part? I had my very own Ewan, and I got to have a lot of fun with him. Not as much as I would have liked (stupid dreams changing on me right in the middle!), but it was enough to take the sting out of the second half of the night, believe you me.


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