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Thursday, February 18, 2010

True Confusion

I wish I could remember the dream now. I know it was brought on by seeing Wes reading Living Dead in Dallas before he went to sleep and me wanting to watch the next disc of True Blood that we got from Netflix. All I can remember of the long, complicated dream (it was really interesting, I just can't recall the details) is that I was Sookie Stackhouse for awhile.

Hopefully I'll retain a little more of my next interestingly bizarre dream :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Recreational Activities

Last night I got a chance to spend some quality time with House and Wilson. Well, sort of. The dream started out with my mom and I watching a movie with Robert Sean Leonard in it and somehow segued to Wilson (his character on House) being ill and staying at our house. Which, naturally, looked nothing like either of our houses.

I'm not sure if mom went out to get something or what, precisely, but myself and my sister were alone at home with House, Wilson & Chase. My sister seemed to be a bit older, and Chase was a bit younger. Naturally, he and my sister hit it off well. They went to get to know one another better and talk in a tent set up in the kitchen. No, I have no idea why there was a tent in the kitchen. :: shrug ::

That left me conveniently alone with House and Wilson. For some reason I saw House as the more likely to respond to my advances, so I put the moves on in ways far more forward than I'm even capable of in real life. It went over rather well, but my mom sadly came home and interrupted the fun (way to be a dream buzz kill, mom!). So instead I wandered off to talk to Kathy, who apparently had gotten along very well with Chase but agreed to let me borrow him to play with later. My sister is awesome even in dreams.

I know there was more to the action than that, but that's what stayed with me after I woke up. Strange, but definitely not unpleasant. Any night that involves making out with Hugh Laurie = a good night.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Burns & Split Personalities

I can't remember a lot of my dream last night, just the end. I was in the back room of grandma and papau's house, and apparently I was living them with my mom and my sisters (just like my mom and sister and I had when we first moved to that town). But instead of one little sister, I had two. One was probably around twelve, and the other was littler - maybe four or five. They were like my sister split into two people.

The older of the two was having a bad day for some reason, and she left the room and went into the kitchen. We heard her cry out in pain and followed the sound. She'd burned herself, and mom put her hand under the cold water. That just made her more miserable, so mom took her hand out from under the water. I was insisting we get a cold cloth to put on the burn when my alarm went off.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cleaning House

Last night, I was cleaning out my closet. Except the closet was the closet from mom's house that we started living in when I was in sixth grade. But it was supposed to be in my current house. Confused yet? ;) Inside were the usual on the bottom - clothes and such. But when I got up on a ladder to see the upper shelf, it was really tall and there were things stacked all over. There were out of date pastries that mom had apparently bought us when we moved in so we'd have something to eat before we had things unpacked to cook with. There were old diaries and purses and hats piled up randomly. And I was cleaning out all the stuff that I didn't need like the outdated pastries so that I could organize the rest. Very, very strange. And tiring. I need a nap after working so hard in my dream!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Strange Convention

Somehow I knew I was on the way to A-Kon. It was Wes and I with Otis. We were in a big glass elevator that was absolutely bizarre. Instead of just going up and down the building, it went up and down on the outside of the building, and it flipped over the top to go back down the other side. Given my fear of heights, just watching it freaked me out. And for some reason once Wes dropped Otis and I off (why Otis was with me, I don't know), we had to wait in the elevator until my sister got there.

We would stop on the floors and I saw people dressed in their cosplay stuff, and that did make me feel better. I was excited even though I was scared. I was also annoyed with myself because I'd forgotten Otis' leash, so I was going to have to carry him once the elevator stopped (for some reason I knew he wouldn't run off of the elevator).

Then I woke up a little, and when I drifted back to sleep, I was in the elevator, but Otis wasn't there anymore. Instead I was in it with Melissa and her ex husband and kids. Strangely, though, her ex wasn't the same guy. Same name, but he was Indian, and so while her son looked the same for some reason, her daughter looked younger and looked like she was Indian. It was like one child looked like Mel and the other looked like the dad who wasn't exactly the dad. Very odd.

We were all stuck on the elevator for the night, but the elevator had become huge - it was more like an old storehouse or something than an elevator, and we were all trying to find comfortable spots to sleep in. Then finally the alarm saved me from any further bizarre dreams.


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