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Thursday, November 15, 2012



I wish I could remember most of the dream, but the highlight? Sitting and watching a concert (it was like preschool - everyone was sitting on the floor in front of the stage) and cuddling with Darren Criss. No clue why it was happening, no clue why I was so sure Wes wouldn't mind, but it was a hell of a lot of fun. And, really, if I'm only going to remember one thing about a dream, that's the thing to remember.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Territory

Last night I dreamt that Wes and I bought the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, TX. I've been lucky enough to go in there a few times, and it's an amazing building and one I'd love to renovate if I happened to be rich.

Apparently in the dream, we were rich - or at least close enough. We installed proper gates and stuff to keep people out and were planning to live in a few offices on the lower floor (which don't exist in reality) until the place was renovated. Unfortunately there were tours going through still, and they wouldn't listen when I told them to get the hell out of my hotel.

Still, apart from that annoyance, the excitement of looking at the renovation and trying to figure out what we could salvage and what needed to be redone was super exciting. Here's to hoping someone actually does it someday!

Small sidenote: I have taken lots of Baker photos, and you can find prints of some of them for sale at Wilde Designs.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Teenage Dream

Obviously I've been having trouble remembering a lot of dreams clearly lately, but last night, I got lucky.

I'm not sure if it was discussing my celebrity list over dinner or having a Glee marathon with my sister (culminating in "Never Been Kissed" just before bed), but despite being a short dream, last night's was definitely a good one. My sister and husband and I were on vacation in New York staying in a nice hotel. No idea why we were there or what was up, but they said they had a surprise for me... and in walks Darren Criss. The picture left is the one that set off my mental image for the dream: glasses, scarf (gray scarf with a green jacket in my dream, if it matters to you), winter coat. And for some reason I had absolutely no qualms about walking straight up and hugging him.

I'd love to say there was fascinating, interesting stuff that happened after, but Pike woke up, and mommy action trumped sleeping. Still, it was sweet and cute and nice. I'll take it!


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