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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hair Cut


#16/365 - J'en connais, originally uploaded by Clara Zamith.

I wish, for the sake of making this post interesting, that I could remember most of my dream last night. Unfortunately for all of you, the only part I remember is that I had my hair dyed a really pretty dark strawberry blond/light red with golden highlights. Somehow looking in the bathroom mirror I managed to give myself a really cute short haircut.

Yep, that's all I remember. I looked GOOD too. Unfortunately I couldn't find any great pictures of short red hair, but this was the one that came closest to the cut. That's the end of the story. Move along, folks. Nothing else to see here.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Memories and Visions


Old Spice, originally uploaded by Batang Nikonero.

My dream began with my grandma and I staying with a friend who was getting married. I have no idea who this friend was, but they were apparently loaded because their house was massive. We weren't part of the wedding party, so we were catching glimpses of them doing things like going off for the belly dancing-themed bachelorette party. I couldn't figure out why we'd gotten there so early when we didn't have much to do, but at least the place was swanky.

Eventually we went out to breakfast and then back to grandma's house. I still felt kind of weird being there without papau. Nobody was home, so I went back to papau's old room. I was just looking for some little piece of him left there and then he walked in. He looked the way he's looked the last couple of times I dreamed about him - not a young man, but strong and vital. Maybe in his fifties? But with white hair. In my dream the room was Dewey's although I think Gary is living back there in real life.

Papau was talking to me, but I don't remember what he said. He went into the bathroom and found some of his Old Spice aftershave on one of the shelves and handed me that. Then someone who was apparently Dewey's girlfriend came back. In the context of the dream, I knew and liked her a lot (though in real life I've never seen the woman. lol), so I gave her a hug and then left to go with mom to pick my stuff up from the house where grandma and I had been staying.

We were all supposed to meet back at the house for a family lunch or something, so we had to hurry. That was about when the alarm clock decided I was done dreaming.


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