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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chaos Reigns

I wish I could remember my dream from last night more clearly because I know it had a pronounced, involved plot. The first thing I remember clearly is being at mom's house (though it looked nothing like her house). Her monkey, George, had run away to the neighbor's yard, so we were going to get him. Otis, Sophie, and Fang were all with us but none of them were on leashes for some reason. The neighbor didn't mind the monkey, but I knew he hated dogs being in his yard, so I was trying to keep the dogs from going into the backyard. I was also anxious about getting them on leashes, though mom kept insisting they'd follow without them.

Somehow it all segued into an action movie sort of thing where vampires and humans were working together to fight something else. I was going to a warehouse to meet up with the other people who were going to fight, and my friend Ashley (going by her internet handle of Feral) and my friend Nicky were both there. They looked great, and I observed that I hadn't even had a chance to put on make-up in my hurry to get there. No one seemed to care much. Some new humans arrived to help, and they were singing something (80s song, I know, but I don't remember what) in a very Glee sort of a way as they came in.

Then I can't recall what happens for awhile and suddenly there was a car chase sort of thing. I remember stopping to let mom get in, and she was riding in the car with the door open. I wanted to stop and make her settle in and close it, but there wasn't time. We saw Nathan from Heroes dressed up like some kind of thug crime lord in the back of a car with his girlfriend (didn't recognize her), and somehow we realized it meant we'd been set up, though I couldn't for the life of me say how.

I was busy last night. No wonder I overslept!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

MJ Lives!

This is one of those duo dreams where one dream seems to lead into another.

It started out that I was in some sort of camp. We were all supposed to finish writing a book before we were allowed to leave. Some people wanted to give up or run away, and they were all murdered horribly. I can't remember the specifics of it all, just the stress of knowing I had to write something but not having any idea of what to put down or where to begin and knowing I didn't have much more time to finish in.

Then I was attending a final press conference with Michael Jackson. I knew it was not long before his death somehow even at the time. There were a lot of other people there, including Lindsey from work and her husband (who I've never met). MJ came in wearing cut off shorts and a bulky jacket/shirt. We all thought it was pretty bizarre-looking, but he was really nice and polite and greeted everyone warmly and answered questions. Then as he was leaving with his entourage, he whipped off the jacket, and there was a long, flowing cape underneath like the kind you'd see a king wearing in an old movie. Very lush and expensive-looking... and an odd match with cut off shorts, let me tell you.


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