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Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby Dreams


I heart baby feet, originally uploaded by justine mcmillan.
Would that it could be so easy! In my dream last night, I was at home with our new baby girl. The best part? I'd delivered by c-section and somehow there was barely any scar, any wound, and I couldn't even really feel it. Slight twinge every now and then and that was it. The dream world's so darn much easier! Anyway, I was asking Wes if he was going to take time off, but I wasn't really worried about it. So low key and not me. heh

After a brief wake up, I went back to sleep and found myself with my best friend Ashley and her sister. Ashley and another friend of hers were entering a candy making contest being hosted at TWU. I was going along to help them find the place. Her sister was talking to a friend of hers about entering the next year with their cupcake business. It had some kind of oddly bad ass name that does not fit how sweetly girlie her sister actually is.

Unfortunately I woke up for real and we never did get to find out what was up with the contest. Too bad because some of that candy looked delicious.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Unplanned Vacations

Back to the ocean again! Wes, mom, Kathy and I were on vacation with the puppies. We arrived at the hotel where we were supposed to stay and our room wasn't ready. There was a waiting room (literally a hotel room, however, not a lobby) where we were put to wait. We were lying on one big bed with the dogs and there was an older lady on the next bed over. We weren't paying attention and Otis got up onto her bed. She seemed charmed rather than annoyed and gave him some attention.

Eventually we were able to go up to our actual room, and then we realized that Wes hadn't reserved the space at the resort we were going to the next day like he was supposed to. As it turns out, when we looked it up, the really beautiful beachside resort we had wanted to stay at (and one I've visited in previous dreams) was closed for a few days, so we were scrambling to find another location that would be as nice.

Before we could find one, however, the alarm brought me back to reality. D'oh!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family and Lakes

A lot of my dream from last night faded when I woke up, but parts of it stayed with me. My grandma was staying at our house, and I was able to sit down and talk to her about some things one of my uncles did when papau was dying. She actually listened and absorbed and was as horrified as she should have been when I really told her.

On our way back up driving home to grandma's (it was just Wes and I in the car by then, I think), I was stopped by someone working on a road crew who had known papau. She was talking about how sad she was to hear that he had passed away. Somehow we ended up somewhere else entirely, and then papau was there. He was alive and younger and smiling. Unfortunately I woke up for a bit and when I went back to sleep, the dream had changed. 

At some point later in the dream, we were back at grandma's house. Looking out back, I could see that there was a huge lake in the yard. The yard itself had expanded somehow, not changing layout somehow but simply expanding in size. The lake had occurred naturally because of all the rainstorms that had apparently been happening in the area, and fish had even swum into it from someplace. Some were normal, but I could see some bizarrely oversized fish swimming around. There were also strangers down at the lake swimming. That made me mad, and I went outside to tell them to go away, but they were already packing up to leave by the time I got down there.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Date with an Angel


Angel by Wildemoon, originally uploaded by wildemoon.
Last night's dream fell into the category of being epic but confusing. Things were elaborate but even I'm not sure I understand all of the action. I was dating David Boreanaz ostensibly, but the truth was that he wasn't David the actor, he was really more Angel, the character he played on Buffy. So it was like an odd hybrid situation where he was supposed to be the actor and I called him David, but he was a vampire and... yeah, I don't get it either.

We were at some sort of large convention that somehow had something to do with a school or something along those lines. There was supposed to be a bit announcement that we were waiting for, but it was late. We found out a friend of his who owned a bar was having trouble. Apparently I was a vampire too because I grabbed one of the chicks who was causing the trouble and was telling her I'd be happy to suck her blood and leave her there but my boyfriend wouldn't approve of it.

I know there was more to it all, but I'm afraid those are the only fragments that survived to the waking world.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stealing Glitter


mystical eye, originally uploaded by tara_tearex.
In my dream, I was going with papau and Kathy (my sister) to some fireworks. We were driving through a small town that was supposed to be Lampasas but wasn't. It looked different. The area around the field where the fireworks were going to be was very crowded, so we ended up parking far away and deciding to walk.

We cut through a craft store in the town square, and I was looking around for something. I wanted to ask someone where to find it but the employees were being rude and wouldn't help. On our way out the front, papau saw a jar of blue glitter stars, picked it up, and said, "I think these are on discount today." He smiled and just walked right on out with it, so we followed. We were still on our way to the fireworks when I woke up.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Anxiety Dreams


Kid Fears by WildeMoon
Originally uploaded by wildemoon
I've been having a lot of anxiety dreams for the past week or so. It's not surprising after losing papau, but it's not a lot of fun. I'm hoping that they'll slowly die down since it's definitely making being rested more than a bit difficult. If I manage to hold onto any of them after I wake up, I'll certain share them, but they've been slipping away quickly after I get up in the morning.


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