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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Teenage Dream


Apparently I only bother posting anymore when I have Darren-related dreams. Which is valid. In any case, in my dream last night, I was working at/volunteering at a resort by a nice lake with some beaches. One of my duties as a volunteer was helping to get things set up for a small concert Darren was having. It was just him, a keyboard player, and another guitarist. After helping the keyboardist find the right key for the song (can't remember what song... nothing I associate with Darren normally), he turned his attention to the audience. I was already standing off to the side sort of swaying like a moron (along with some other folks from the audience), and he seemed pretty happy that everybody was getting into it already. He actually stopped to dance briefly with me and a couple of the other girls. And, yes, that's really all there was to the dream. It was brief, not terribly exciting, and left me assured that today will be a good day because in my dream? Darren Criss held onto my hips. What else does a girl really need?

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